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"I felt that he was able to present the issue of diversity in a non-threatening way, which is different from most diversity exercises I have been a part of." 


—  A Student Participant, Davidson College (NC)

"Vernon Wall is among the best trainers, speakers, and writers on multicultural and leadership issues in the country at this time. He brings a nice balance of challenge and support for students, faculty and staff alike. We look forward to bringing him back to our campus."

Dr. Jamie Washington, President
Washington Consulting Group
Baltimore, Maryland

"I have worked with Vernon on many occasions and consider him to be a man of enormous integrity and compassion. Sometimes people who help others understand the complexity of diversity issues do so in a confrontive and hostile way, thus alienating their audience. Plain and simple, you cannot go wrong with Vernon!"

Dr. Maura Cullen
Educational Consultant

“Humor and expertise go along way when giving a keynote speech. Vernon Wall definitely has both of these key qualities. We were looking for a keynoter with energy and passion to address diversity and multicultural issues on campuses today – Vernon did not let us down. Next time we will have to make sure that we get a bigger room for the ‘follow up’ session!”

Assistant Dean of Students /
Assistant Director of Housing
Arkansas Tech University

"It was a pleasure to have Vernon Wall serve as the keynote speaker to our annual residence orientation program. After having heard Vernon speak when I was a graduate student, I have carried his "One Better World" message with me on a daily basis -- and this is a message I wanted to share with new first year students in our community. We have a very diverse campus with students from all over the world and from a wide range of background experiences, and Vernon's talk of uniting students across lines of difference set a wonderful tone for our first year. His keynote was also a kick off to our "Be the Change" programming series -- an initiative focused on bringing students together to discuss critical community issues from a wide range of perspectives. Our students appreciated his sincerity...his ability to localize his content in a Canadian framework...and most significantly, his ability to get their minds rolling around the issues of difference and diversity about to face them in their first year."

Director of Residence
University of Toronto at Mississauga


"We had Vernon facilitate a Diversity Retreat for us and it went over extremely well. The students really related to his presentation style. He was extremely easy to work with and very flexible. We would have him back in a heart beat!"

Assistant Dean of Students & Director of the Vaughn Center The
University of Tampa

"Vernon was great here! The RAs talked about him all year."

Associate Director of Residence Life for Housing Services
University of Massachusetts - Amhers

"Vernon's programs are interactive and informative. He kept our minds and bodies awake." 

Associate Director of Residence Life
Emporia State University (KS)

"Vernon came to Western Michigan University to speak about diversity issues to the Greek Community on a campus that consists of less than a 10% minority population. Those in attendance were able to participate in a conversation, not a lecture, regarding a subject that can be quite fragile. Vernon did a tremendous job keeping everyone comfortable and in touch with the message."

Alpha Tau Omega Chapter President, Interfraternity Council Vice President
Western Michigan University

"We have been doing diversity training for years with our RA staff, but no one hit the mark with them as well as Vernon did in our day of training last fall. Vernon's style draws staff in, makes them think, and more than anything motivates them to bring his message into their daily work as RAs and human beings. What more could you ask!"

Associate Director of Residence Life
University of New Hampshire

"Vernon engages the audience immediately with his use of storytelling, interactive activities, and positive messages. Vernon's enthusiasm and passion for what he does is evident. Our students are still talking about his program 6 months later."

Assistant Director of Residence Life
State University of West Georgia

"Vernon's dynamic style and presence create an environment where open and honest dialogue can take place. He engages his audience and delivers his message in such a manner that the learning just sneaks up on you! It has been one year since he visited this campus, and the students are still talking about the sessions they had with him, and more importantly, still applying what they learned."

Director of Multicultural Affairs
Rollins College (FL)

"Above all other things, Vernon is real…and everyone in his audience recognizes that quality immediately. Consequently, when Vernon asks people to accompany him on a journey through arduous territory, they are willing to take the risk and go with him. Along the way, they explore what's in their heads as well as their hearts, work hard, and have some fun. In the end, they commit to making things different in their own spheres…which is really where it all starts."

Associate Director of Residence Life
Iowa State University

"Vernon is a dynamic presenter that has the ability to captivate and motivate audiences! He was able to take our group and get them excited and communicating about subjects that have typically been taboo to discuss openly. Vernon approaches each topic with such honest enthusiasm it is no wonder why we asked him back for a second time!"

Coordinator of Residence Life and Greek Advisor
Kennesaw State University (GA)

"Simply put: Vernon is amazing. He excels at helping students find where they fit within the world when it comes to oppression and privilege and teaches concepts that students remember long after he has left campus. We have invited Vernon two times over the past four years because our third year RAs who were on the training committee insisted that newer RAs had to experience his message. We truly do have "One Better World" with Vernon in it!"

Coordinator of Residence Education
Northern Arizona University

"Many of the students commented on how impressed they were with Vernon's values, integrity, and diverse background. He was able to tie many of the leadership pieces regarding style and personality together many of them were mulling over in their heads as well as exemplify the importance of leadership styles and humor in our daily lives."

Leadership Coordinator for Student Activities and Organizations
Purdue University

"Vernon's approach and sense of humor helped him quickly get connected with our students and put them at ease. Vernon has the ability to make students feel comfortable sharing about themselves, learning about others while challenging them on social justice issues. Our Resident Assistants raved about Vernon after his visit and his session was one of the most highly rated amongst all sessions in our two week training program. I would not hesitate to bring Vernon back to work with our community again."

Assistant Director for Leadership Development and Training
Fordham University (NY)

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