"I felt that he was able to present the issue of diversity in a non-threatening way, which is different from most diversity exercises I have been a part of." 
~ A Student Participant, Davidson College (NC)

"We were pleased to have you bring your unique style to our campus. We hope to be able to have you return as we continue to move ahead with the challenge of student leadership" 
~ Director of Student Activities, Dekalb College

"How do you do it? You motivated my students to make a change. I can honestly say we're moving toward the appreciation and celebration of human differences." 
~ Assistant Dean of Students, UNC - Greensboro

"I have admired your abilities from afar. After seeing you in action, I understand why! Your ability to challenge is remarkable." 
~ Professional Staff Member, Southern Illinois University

"I even had fun!" 
~ A Student Participant, Carleton College (MN)

"The session was fun, lively, and interactive. We really talked about some of the issues we are facing on campus." 
~ A Student Participant, UCLA

"Please, Please, Please continue your work in challenging others. I don't believe you realize how impactful you are!" 
~ A Student Participant, Grinnell College (IA)

"Excellent! One of the best and most inspiring seminars I have ever attended, if not the best." 
~ A Student Participant, Fordham University (NY)


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